United Way of Metropolitan Dallas is a community-based non-profit organization that treats 360 degrees of need.  For over 90 years, we have brought people and resources together to fight complex social problems by surrounding North Texas with efficient, impactful solutions.

Since 2011, we’ve invested more than $147 million in more than 200 local programs that tackle issues across the areas of health, education and income; the essential components of a thriving community. We encourage North Texans to get involved by giving, volunteering or advocating, and helping lift up those in need now and in the future. United, we help those who want to do good to do great.

Learn more at UnitedWayDallas.org.

What We Do

We identify and evaluate the best programs in our community.

We award grants to hundreds of organizations so they can do more.

We help them improve effectiveness, efficiency, and navigate the non-profit world.

We set robust goals and measure progress.

We develop and invest in new solutions to longstanding problems.

We raise awareness, mobilize volunteers, create partnerships and advocate to address critical issues.

We only invest in our local community; we’ve been a trusted community partner for over 90 years.

OneUp the Vote is an annual online contest in support of United Way of Metropolitan Dallas’ GroundFloor program.

Launched in 2013, the GroundFloor program provides local startups with funding and resources to fight our community’s biggest social problems. Qualifying participants (or Fellows, as we call them) win a chance to compete in the OneUp the Vote competition each year.